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Glevum League CHANGES for 2019

posted 4 Dec 2018, 02:42 by Gloucester Spa   [ updated 4 Dec 2018, 02:43 ]
A few changes have been agreed to the Glevum League for the 2019 season.

  • Only two points will be awarded to the team winning the overall match, and two for each winning rink, making a maximum of 12 points available for each match.

  • Start times are 6.30pm between April and July inclusive and 6.00pm for the remainder of the season

  • Any player arriving after the start time may NOT play and any rink playing short will have shots deducted as usual

  • All match will be played to 21 ends except in September (if any played) when matches will be played to 18 ends.  Normal caveats about poor light etc will apply.