Information for new members

As a Full Member you can practise or play social bowls on any afternoon and evening during the summer season. All you have to do is get a jack and a mat and find a spare rink. It is normal protocol to invite people playing on their own to join you (although they may not always do so if they are practising seriously).

Each Wednesday evening during the season is kept clear (wherever possible) for Club Night, when members can practice and learn new skills. Coaching is usually available from qualified coaches –just ask if you want any support.

The Club organises Friendly Matches against other clubs in the Gloucestershire area who are also out for an enjoyable game with light refreshments or a meal afterwards. We play to win of course but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t.

Friendly matches are always ‘mixed’ and are normally played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons although some, including Senior Citizen (Over 55) matches, are played during the week. Most of the friendly matches are arranged on a Home and Away basis so you get a chance to see other clubs and play on different greens.

For all the above games the notice board will display a sheet where you can put your name if you wish to play. At the beginning of the summer season, you will be able to obtain the Club Fixture Card listing all the matches and venues for the year allowing you to plan ahead.

Competitive Games

The Glevum League (5 rinks mixed), Men’s County League (2 rinks) and the Gloucestershire Ladies Two Rink League are more competitive and so the teams are selected with the aim of putting out a competitive team.

In addition there are competitive games played on a knock-out basis, such as the Interclub, County Cup and County 2 rink Cup, and Top Club.

Interclub is a ladies 2 rink (one home , one away) competition.

County Cup is a 3 rink men’s competition, while the County 2 rink Cup for men is self explanatory.

For ladies the Top Club competition consists of a team of 10 players, consisting of a 4 wood singles, a pair, a triple and a four. A men’s equivalent exists (with an extra 2 wood singles game) but is not currently entered.