Marking Etiquette

Etiquette for Markers

Good marking is so important for the players. The key role of a marker is to help the players in the most unobtrusive way possible.

To support this, before the match commences, the marker should advise both players that he/she will mark all touchers immediately they come to rest and any dead bowls will be removed from the ditch.

Make sure you know the rules of the competition, have a copy of the latest” Rules of the Game” (pink), wedges, measures (including long), and chalk to hand.

• Stand well back and to one side, ensuring that all rink markers are visible to the players.

• Only answer specific questions from the player in possession of the rink; Do not offer any additional information that has not been requested.

• If you are unsure of the situation, for example you cannot decide which is shot, don't guess. You can offer an opinion but make sure that the player who is asking the question is made aware of this.

• The marker should not move any bowls until the end is complete and the players have agreed the number of shots. The marker should not be in the head or offer any opinion about the result of the end.

• He shall only measure disputed shots when required but once again he should not move the bowls until the players agree.

Full training from qualified umpires and markers is available – please ask a committee member if you are interested.