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What about making another one (or the first one if you haven't done so yet)



into the club?

We'll make sure they get a proper welcome

and a chance to have a go.

If they like what they experience, we can arrange for them to:

have a series of coaching sessions (no charge)

have the use of bowls to try

and have fun!

Contact David Rolls for more details 01452 730461

Thank you to all those who made the Evening of Christmas Music such a success.

Over 50 people turned up to enjoy mince pies, mulled wine and

some great sounds from the Forest of Dean Band

thanks to Chris,Mike, Alan and so many more

Able Bodied Men wanted !!

Working Party needed after Christmas to reseat the paving slabs around the green. They've become a little loose in places and shifted too, leaving unnecessary gaps, so it's time to put them straight.

If you could help as part of a gang, please call Alan on 01452 423191

Fox Alert

We now have a solar powered electric fence around the green to keep out the fox(es) that have been causing trouble by digging holes looking for grubs to eat. But the clever devils can jump over the fence, so we shall raise it onto the banks in an attempt to sort them out once and for all. Keep your fingers crossed.